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Local Events: in Central Florida

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  • February 12, 2022, 9:30am – 11:30am ET: Aromatherapy- Perfume making with Essential Oils & Botanicals: Top Essential Oils for Focus & Concentration at Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, Florida.
  • March 26, 2022, 9:30-11:30am ET: Clean Green & Improve Your Health Using Essential Oils & Botanicals,
  • at Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, Florida.
  • May 7, 2022, 9:30-11:30am: Topic TBA, at Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, Florida.
  • September 10, 2022, 9:30-11:30am: Essential Oils & Flower Essences for Pets at Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, Florida.
  • October 7, 2022: Guest Speaker at the Solle Naturals Leadership Conference in Provo, Utah – Holistic Personal Development for Leaders
  • November 12, 2022, 9:30am – 11:30am: Essential Oils & Herbs for Better Sleep & Energy at Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, Florida.
  • October 5-7, 2023NAHA World of Aromatherapy Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah – open to the public

Virtual Events: Worldwide

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  • April 20, 2022, 8:30pm ET: Alliance of International Aromatherapist Guest Speaker, Emotional Alignment with Phyto-Aromatherapy: Balancing Glandular System Emotions
  • February 2-26, 2023, 7:30pm ET: 4-weeks live webinar training (will be recorded for later viewing) –
    Clinical Aromatherapy for Gut Health Certification. Get specialized training is using essential oils and herbs, clinically & holistically, to help yourself, family, clients & patients. A live webinar training with Q&A and personal mentoring throughout the sessions.  Each week for 4-weeks, you will receive training in various essential oils & herbs specific for gut health challenges, along with holistic integrative practices, blending strategies & techniques, and creating a personalized holistic plan with recipe formulations. Gain greater insight into the enhancing gut-brain communications, emotional balance and nervous system health. Your instructor will be Clinical Aromatherapy & Herbal educator, Jennifer Pressimone, owner of JennScents & NAHA Vice President. Having overcome Crohn’s, colitis, and IBS, Jennifer is the perfect teacher to train you on understanding what is happening when symptoms occur, what to do to calm them down, and strategic ways on how to do it. The best part…she takes the guesswork out of trying to decipher research and figure it out on your own. Sometimes, trial and error are the way to go. However, when trying to help someone through gut issues, time is of the essence.  Registration will be at the JennScents Aromaversity here. Stay tuned & watch your inbox.
  • March 13-17, 2023: AromaSummit Virtual Conference
  • November 2023: Biotone EduTalk Series

Aromatherapy Certification Programs: ongoing enrollment 

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