Student Testimonials

“As a powerful communicator, Jennifer teaches us how to learn and grow through the gift of aromatherapy. She brings insight, wisdom and joy into her classes. Jennifer’s teaching reflects how much she truly cares about healing the healer and humanity in general. As a LMT, I’ve traveled for a certification course and basically anything she is teaching on a regular basis. She’s imparted a love for healing with essential oils that has improved every aspect of my work and home life. Her vast knowledge, and magical teaching style make coming to all her classes a delight.”

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Cheryl Ralph

Certified Professional Aromatherapist, LMT, Reiki Master

“Jennifer is a wonderful teacher, her style is easy to understand and her passion is undeniable. Jennifer has a gift that gives the student a desire to want to learn more with an excitement for what they have already learned. It is a pleasure and privileged to learn from a teacher with such passion and commitment to safety.

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Cindy Gould-Gutierrez CCA CAA CNHC, AZ

LMT, Energy worker & Certified Holistic Professional Aromatherapist

“I have really enjoyed and benefited from JennScents Aromaversity. I love the thoroughness of the teaching and Jenn’s hear to equip us to use aromatherapy in all aspects of life.” 

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Joy Montejo

Certified Holistic Aromatherapist & EFT therapy

“I have taken several various courses over the years. I have enjoyed taking the classes with JennScents. I love the way JennScents course material has been laid out. Very easy to follow. The Aromatherapy for Mind-Body Health was an interesting course. I would recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about the connection of emotional health and essential oils”. 

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Melodie Hand

LMT, Business Owner, Wellness Coach & Certified Holistic Professional Aromatherapist

“Best aromatherapy information out there! Explained in a way to easily understand.” 

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Kim McCormick

JennScents Aromaversity Student from AL

“I am so elated to incorporate essential oils into my practice. Thank you JennScents for providing this Aromatherapy course. It’s very detailed and not overwhelming. I will be taking Level 2 very soon.” 

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Holistic Aromatherapist Graduate

“It has been such a pleasure learning about essential oils through JennScents Aromaversity. Jennifer’s teaching style is clear and concise. I love the close one-on-one mentoring that she does with each one of her students. She is always available to answer questions, which I think is very important in an online program. And rather than spoon-feeding her students, she often challenges them to think critically and find the answers by themselves. She also encourages individuality, allowing each of her students to develop according to their background and strength. Her courses are not the easiest to complete. However, through observations and blending and re-blending in the case studies, I naturally became familiar with the EOs taught in the course. At first they were intimidating, but now case studies are the favorite part of my studies. I am learning so much through the certification program, and I hope you will take the opportunity to challenge yourself at JennScents Aromaversity, too.” 

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Anne Berberian

Professional Aromatherapist Student

“If you are needing a professional to guide and lead you into business success, Jennifer Pressimone is my personal choice.”

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Grace Williams

Owner of Essence Of Grace Aromatherapy Center LLC, OH & Clinical Aromatherapist Student

“I have heard Jennifer speak numerous times at medical conferences, as well as in more casual settings.  She is extremely knowledgeable in aromatherapy, essential oils, the human body, and holistic health.”

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Gail Nemesh

JennScents Aromaversity Student from Spring Hill, FL

She is one of the best educators that I’ve ever sat under to learn, and the knowledge that she has of her subject is beyond compare. “Now I have a lot more confidence working with essential oils and carriers safely when blending for other people. I really enjoyed this course and I am excited for the next courses to come!” 

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Mirage Smith

Certified Clinical Aromatherapist Graduate

“I like the way Jennifer teaches and the fact I can go at my own pace online. Listening to your recordings and your words of encouragement gives motivation that stirs the creativity in me.  Thank you for being accessible by email.” 

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Kathy Stickler

JennScents Aromaversity Student from NC

“Before taking the Level 1 Aromatherapy Class, I knew the basics of aromatherapy. When I was offered to take one of Jennifer’s live classes I was intrigued to learn more. This class has opened my eyes to how beneficial essential oils are mental, physically, and emotionally. I understood the information very well and Mrs. Jennifer was always an e-mail away if I had questions. I was so excited about the class I finished 2 lessons while on my family beach vacation. One of my favorite parts of the class was learning about essential oil safety. Essential oils are so amazing and can benefit the body in many ways. We also must respect them and use them properly. My second favorite part were the case studies. I had people volunteer to participate with no specific purpose in mind. After a week or two of using their blends they started seeing different kinds of changes mentally and emotionally. I can truly say I found my passion for aromatherapy through this class.”

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Ali Devillier

JennScents Aromaversity Student

“The Aromatherapy Business and Personal Development Class was exactly what I needed to give me all the information to help me add aromatherapy services to my massage practice. My clients are very excited to have this new addition the massage practice!” 

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Meg M

JennScents Aromaversity Student from NC

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