Professional Holistic Aromatherapy Certification Program

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Professional Aromatherapy Certification Course Program, NAHA Level 2 approved gives you an in-depth & comprehensive education in using aromatherapy practices for personal care and professional businesses. Comprised of a curriculum with foundational aromatherapy, anatomy & physiology, advanced training in Personal Care & Gastrointestinal health, holistic aromatherapy advanced blending techniques and blending skill development.

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Level 2 Professional Holistic Aromatherapy Certification Program is for anyone (beginners to experienced aromatherapist) who wants to use aromatherapy personally and professionally to –

  • help their family and friends holistically
  • complement other personal care services
  • share natural remedies and holistic health practices with others in a professional setting
  • expand or start a career in aromatherapy
  • use aromatherapy in a professional business such as massage therapy, health coaching, yoga, personal trainers, mindset coaches & mental health counseling

You will learn foundation of aromatherapy practices – past to present, along with advanced blending techniques, application methods, science-based research, and niche training for women, men, kids, pets and gleaning green. Gain hands-on experience through the practice exercises that will put your knowledge into action & develop your blending skills while receiving hands-on mentoring directly from your instructor.  No need to be nervous about what to blend and how to blend it because your teacher is right there with you, every step of the way.

You will feel confidence and competent at the end of this program about essential oils and how to match them up with specific health ailments.


This Level 2 Professional Aromatherapy Certification Program includes 7 courses with 222-hours of instructional and hands-on training.

Two Level 1 Holistic Aromatherapy Courses provide a solid foundation in aromatherapy. Understand and recognize ancient philosophies and practices, interpreting and applying them to current applications. Level 1 training is for anyone new to essential oils, currently using essential oils for personal and family health, and for those wanting to pursue a deeper understanding of the power and benefits of aromatherapy. You will learn various blending methods to help you formulate recipes on your own, develop your blending skills and knowledge of what essential oils to match up with specific and niche health ailments. The two courses included in Level 1 are Introduction to Holistic Aromatherapy and Anatomy & Physiology I.

Five Professional Aromatherapy Certification Courses (Level 2) provide in-depth, comprehensive and hands-on training in integrating aromatherapy into various facets and specialties of natural health. You will develop advanced formulating and blending skills, client consulting, business development and more to prepare you to be the best Professional Aromatherapist you can be.


The Professional Holistic Aromatherapy Certification Program Package

This package includes all Level 1 & 2 courses for you to earn your certification as a Certified Professional Holistic Aromatherapist. Courses include:

  • Introduction to Holistic Aromatherapy Course: Designed to offer in-depth information about the history of aromatherapy, quality importance, safety guidelines, blending tips and essential oil descriptions to help you build a solid foundation in aromatherapy. This online course provides all of the essentials to helping you understand aromatherapy and begin blending with a purpose. CEU credits available for Licensed Massage Therapists. NAHA and NCBTMB Certified.
  • Anatomy & Physiology I course: Focuses on providing you with in-depth knowledge about each body system function, common ailments within each system and how they are inter-connected. We will discuss structure and function of the mind and body, and how aromatherapy plays a part in each of the body systems and process including the digestive, intestinal, immune, lymphatic, nervous, glandular, endocrine, muscular-skeletal, integumentary and limbic systems, olfaction process, methods of absorption and elimination, code of ethics and contraindications. This course is waived for medical professionals, licensed massage therapists and dietitians who have already completed a college level or trade program anatomy and physiology course.
  • Anatomy & Physiology II: Focuses on providing you with in-depth knowledge about specific body system function, common ailments within each system and how they are inter-connected. Gain in-depth and comprehensive knowledge and hands-on practical training about the structure, function and tissue processes of several body systems and organs, interrelations with each other, correlating ailments and effective protocols including respiratory, circulatory, limbic and brain, hepatic, urinary, introduction to pathophysiology and code of ethics.  This course is waived for medical professionals, licensed massage therapists and dietitians who have already completed a college level or trade program anatomy and physiology course.
  • Advanced Holistic Aromatherapy: Designed to offer in-depth, extensive information about aromatherapy history, quality measures, safety guidelines, blending tips and techniques, recipes, 25 essential oil and 10 carrier profiles for physical, mental and emotional concerns, essential oil chemistry and core foundational training to strengthen your confidence and skills with aromatherapy practices. This course offers 28 education hours and a Certificate of Achievement. 24 Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s) available for Licensed Massage Therapists, Florida Licensed Dietitians & Nutritionists, Florida Nutritional Counselors and Florida Certified Nursing Assistants.
  • Personal Care for Holistic Aromatherapy: You will learn about 5 distinct specialized areas of aromatherapy: women, men, children, animals and natural cleaning solutions. Gain in-depth knowledge, practical applications, essential oil and carrier profiles in addition to valuable recipes and formulas. Includes instructional hours, hands-on training through blending exercises and case studies and a certificate of achievement. You have the option to purchase an additional Course Materials Package that offers the essential oils and carriers discussed within this course. 30 CEU’s for LMT, Florida Licensed Dietitians & Nutritionists, Florida Nutritional Counselors and Florida CNA’s.
  • Holistic Aromatherapy Advanced Blending Techniques: Designed to help you effectively, accurately and confidently practice and develop your blending and formulation skills. Learn about various blending technique and styles, when to use certain blending techniques to achieve specific goals, how to integrate several techniques and why, as well as lots of blending exercises to put your skills into action. Practice! Practice! Practice! Includes e-workbook, course work, case studies and a certificate of achievement. 27 CEU credits for Licensed Massage Therapists. NAHA Level II approved, NCBTMB Certified.
  • Phyto-aromatherapy for Gastrointestinal Imbalances: This aromatherapy course designed to provide an in-depth look and review of the gastrointestinal system, physiological and psychological interactions, gut-brain relationship, microbiome role, influences and triggers, blood chemistry connection, clinical evidenced-based science, common GI issues with complementary remedies and more. You will gain comprehensive, evidence-based education along with hands-on training via case study assessments involving program protocols, herbal supplement integration and phyto-aromatherapy practices created for a client’s specific needs. 28 NCBTMB CE’s are applied in Advanced Sciences.
  • Case Studies
  • Book Report Requirement
  • Blending Assignments
  • Research paper Requirement

You will have 24 months from the date of purchase to submit all course assignments, book report, research paper, case studies, lesson quizzes and final exams. Once completed, you will earn a designation of Level 2 Certified Professional Aromatherapist.

If you are looking to fast track the Professional Aromatherapy Program, we have students that complete this program and all assignments in 6 months.

SAVE $150 when you purchase this program in full. Payment plan available.


Topics covered:

  • History and Modern Development
  • The basics of botany (specifically taxonomy)
  • Properties of essential oils within a holistic and clinical framework
  • Methods of extraction
  • Aromatic chemistry
  • Profiles of 35 essential oils & carrier oils
  • Advanced blending techniques
  • Various Application Methods for personal care and professional use (i.e. licensed massage therapy, bodywork)
  • Safety Guidelines, Contraindications and Toxicology Precautions for all uses – dermal, respiratory and internal
  • Anatomy & physiology that covers respiratory, circulatory, hepatic, urinary, limbic and brain systems, and weight management
  • Consultation & client education program design
  • The basics of business development
  • Legal and ethical issues
  • Case Studies Training
  • 5-10 page Research Paper prior to graduation,
  • Final exam per course


Check out our Student Guide available with more details.

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