Mindset Re-Mapping with Essential Oils eBook


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Mindset Re-Mapping with essential oils eBook is an empowering e-book filled with resources, references, tips, mind remapping techniques and aromatherapy recipes to help you retrain your brain. Increase your ability to be more positive, optimistic and productive using the strategies and techniques shared in this eBook. There is much science that shows the benefits that positive thinking coupled with aromatherapy has on the mind, body and gut health. It also elevates your immune functions so you can be healthier and stronger.

This simple yet impactful process of mindset remapping can help you be more consistent, feel more competent and achieve greater success. Learn about various essential oils that are most beneficial to help you feel energized, balanced, grounded and relaxed. Matching up the right scents to your goals and needs can significantly improve mindset, as well as help you sustain that positivity.

Included are eight mindset inspiring recipes and positive affirmations.

This e-book will be available as a digital download after purchase. e-Book is in PDF format.


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