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Learn how to use essential oils and herbs holistically to improve gut health in our Holistic Gut Health Specialist Certification.  When you strengthen physical health, your psychological health also becomes stronger and more balanced. Gain insight and training on how to use aromatherapy practices to help with acute and chronic gut issues such as gas, bloating, acid reflux, silent reflux, IBS, Crohn’s and more. You will evaluate various essential oils and herbs to determine which ones to use most effectively for specific health ailments. Lead instructor, Jennifer H. Pressimone, will provide a solid foundation in understanding how the gut works, what happens when it doesn’t work properly, and how to fix those problems. Jennifer will share lessons and wisdom gained from her own personal gut health journey, and provide mentorship to help you strengthen your knowledge, custom & blending & integrative skills, as well as provide resources to grow your holistic toolbox. Information provides includes personal experience, extensive education and research, as well as evidence-based science, bridging the gap between ancient philosophies and current practices.   This certification is perfect if you want to –

  • learn how to improve your gut health
  • enrich your niche profession
  • expand your credentials
  • integrate holistic services with clients & patients



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