Aromatherapy Circadian Rhythm Association Chart


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Aromatherapy Circadian Rhythm Association Chart helps you match your physical and mental health ailment times to your circadian rhythm clock. Discover which emotions, essential oils & healthy habits can help bring you back into balance.

So often, we let symptoms go unattended, until we just can’t stand it anymore. Either it manifests into so much pain, or it affects how we think, feel and live.

If you can assess your symptoms when they first start happening, you can get ahead of the annoying and frustrating pain, depression, anxiety, immobility and brain fog.

Aromatherapy has been proven to be an important tool or health care modality to help you bring your mind and body back into a harmonious state so you can live with quality, not pain and discomfort.

The circadian rhythm is often linked with sleep patterns. However it is so much more than that. It can help you connect the dots and find patterns to why you are sick, and what to support in your mind and body to support it.

This Aromatherapy Circadian Rhythm Association Chart was created by Clinical Aromatherapist, Herbalist & Health Coach, Jenifer Pressimone to help you bridge the gaps of what is causing your issues, how can you help correct them, and what can you continue doing to support that those symptoms stay away.

A “done for you” format that makes it easy to read, easy to assess and easy to understand.  Great tool to help yourself, your family and your clients.


This Aromatherapy Circadian Rhythm Association Chart will be available as a digital download after purchase. PDF format.


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