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Jennifer Pressimone was awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in October 2023 by the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA). She has dedicated over 21 years to educating, formulating, and practicing clinical phyto-aromatherapy in her community and worldwide. Jennifer has been a successful women entrepreneur, holistic health coach, mentor, author, and motivational speaker, inspiring thousands across the globe. Through her personal journey of healing, she not only learned holistic health modalities, but she also shares them with others, empowering them to help themselves, their families and clients.

Jennifer Pressimone was a selected presenter for the 2023 National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) – Beyond Aromatics conference in October 2023. Jennifer gave a presentation on Phyto-Aromatherapy for Circadian Rhythm & Dysautonomia Balance, offering a deeper understanding of how the circadian rhythm processes influence dysautonomia, and how they are interconnected when it comes to certain cognitive & mental health concerns such as confusion, problem-solving ability, abandonment, anger, anxiety, fear, grief & depression. You can purchase Jennifer’s presentation and the entire conference here.

Jennifer Pressimone was selected as the NAHA Director in Action for July 2023. She has been instrumental in sharing aromatherapy worldwide, helping set up aromatherapy practices and clinics with VA hospitals, cancer groups, day spas, medical centers, and in personal care practices. Jennifer has been a Director with NAHA since 2004 and has served as their Vice President since 2014.

Jennifer Pressimone was a featured guest speaker in June 2023 for IFPA, International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists. She presented on Aromatherapy for Neurocognitive & Psyche Balance, giving education about how clinical aromatherapy strategies can balance psyche to improve thoughts, foster self-discovery, and increase motivation and willpower. She interpreted scent preferences to create a balanced custom blend formulation that delivers precise & effective results.

Jennifer Pressimone was featured on the Aroma Chat podcast in April 2023 with Melissa Holman, Certified Aromatherapist & owner of Lemon Balm Coaching. Get up close and personal with Jennifer as she shares insight into her daily life, overcoming her life-threatening health challenges, her journey as a holistic health entrepreneur, and trailblazer in aromatherapy. Listen in to her episode here.

Jennifer Pressimone was a guest speaker at the FSMTA Florida Chapter in March 2023, presenting on Essential Oils & Herbs for Better Sleep & Energy. Jennifer shared education, blending techniques and business tips to integrate essential oils and herbs safely into massage and bodywork practices. She explored the influence aromatherapy can have on cranial nerves, circadian rhythm, and mental health.

Jennifer Pressimone was a featured guest speaker at the 2023 Aroma Summit held by Naturopathic CE’s, Dr. Timothy Miller. Jennifer presented information, wisdom, tips and blends on Aromatherapy for Mental & Emotional Balance. She shares how essential oils support psychological health, which essential oils to use for mental strengthening, and how to match essential oils in a blend to balance specific emotions. You can order the AromaSummit conference and watch the replay of Jennifer’s presentation here.

Jennifer Pressimone was featured on the Gutsy Travels Show in December 2022 with host & Business Consultant, Chrystina Katz. Jennifer shares how she overcame her fear of public speaking to soar in business, creating a sustainable and thriving legacy of helping others through education and aromatherapy products. Watch her episode here.

Jennifer Pressimone was a guest speaker for the Alliance of International Aromatherapists in April 2022. She presented on Emotional Alignment with Phyto Aromatherapy Balancing Glandular System sharing information, tips and strategies to combine botanicals and essential oils to create custom blends that strengthen a person’s healthy persona, fostering courage and empowerment, while being comfortable and confident in who you are.

Jennifer was a guest at The Solve Network Mastermind Group in 2021. She shares insight, education and strategies in Phyto-Aromatherapy for Mindset & Motivation, and how thoughts and feelings drive actions. Watch her presentation here.


Jennifer shares her wisdom & insight on NAHA’s podcast in 2020. She talks about how to pivot & shift during times of change & uncertainty, in life & business, and what it means to be a life, health & business mentor to health & wellness professionals needing to overcome emotional roadblocks to create a new, thriving life and career. She gives tips about how she tapped into her purpose to reignite her passion & continue serving others with aromatherapy, herbs and natural remedies. Listen to the podcast here.

Jennifer Pressimone was a selected presenter for the 2019 Holistic Medicine Conference in Orlando, Florida. She presented on Phyto-Aromatherapy for Gastrointestinal Health, exploring the physiology and function of the GI tract, how it interacts with the rest of the body, various GI health concerns as well as common triggers and influences. She did a deeper dive into the role and interaction the microbiome plays in relation to gut health, immunity, cellular function, hormone and blood sugar regulation, and overall mind-body processes.

Renowned Jennifer Pressimone participated at the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy World of Aromatherapy Conference 2018 as an emcee, speaker, vendor, and sponsor. You can read her blog to see a snapshot of the conference here: 

Jennifer Pressimone’s article on Phyto-Aromatherapy for the Nervous System & Gut-Brain Connection was featured in November 2018’s Aromaculture Magazine. You can get a copy here:

Aromaweb featured a Book Review of the JennScents Holistic Aromatherapy Comprehensive Guide. “JennScents® Holisitic Aromatherapy Comprehensive Guide is a thorough book and resource that is well suited for beginning to advanced aromatherapy students. Easy to read and well organized, it is a dependable and extensive guide”. Read the rest of the review here: 

Jennifer Pressimone’s article on Aromatherapy for Sleep Enhancement was featured in the September 2017 edition of Aromaculture Magazine. You can get your copy here:

Jennifer Pressimone

Aromatherapy for Intestinal Health
Intestinal health is more important than most people realize or commit time to nourishing. It is the center of nutrient absorption and utilization and assists in proper elimination of toxins. Learn more here:


Aromatherapy for Mental Health
Over a billion people across the world suffer from some form of mental health issue, every day. Aromatherapy is a powerful tool to help balance, manage and nourish emotions, mental faculties and physical responses. Learn more here:

Aromatherapy and the Art of Language

Jennifer Pressimone

Learn how to safely and effectively share your aromatherapy education and knowledge with your clients, customers, patients, family and friends. As aromatherapists, one of our main goals is to provide authentic, accurate and pertinent information to help others wisely choose the best holistic health decisions that meets their particular needs. Learn more here:

Media Bio for Jennifer Pressimone

Jennifer Pressimone is CEO, clinical aromatherapy educator and product formulator at JennScents, Inc. and JennScents Aromaversity, empowering health and wellness professionals through mentored certification programs so they can elevate their impact and client services using holistic solutions.

Jennifer was faced with a life-threatening health condition in her late 20’s, and had to overcome failing organs, exhausted mindset, and defeating emotions. After discovering and experiencing the power of holistic remedies and aromatherapy, she realized many months later this was saving her life, literally. Since then, she has dedicated her mission to helping others navigate and conquer rough health challenges costing them mental clarity, quality of life, joy, and precious time with family. Having people watch her journey of regaining her health, they turned to her for help and JennScents was born.  Jennifer makes holistic products delivering personalized physical and psychological relief, as well as teaching other health and wellness professionals to do the same for their clients and patients.

Jennifer has over two decades of experience working with health and wellness professionals who want to elevate their client services with holistic solutions. By addressing the mental and emotional connection related to health challenges, Jennifer teaches others how to create personalized aromatic blends and holistic plans allowing clients to finally feel energized and motivated to live their best life. She has authored numerous books and publications, in holistic health, including Holistic Aromatherapy Comprehensive Guide. Jennifer is the 2023 recipient of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy Lifetime Achievement Leadership award.

An internationally recognized expert in the field of holistic aromatherapy and personal development, Jennifer has been featured in the New York Times, Massage Magazine, and numerous industry podcasts. She has spoken at the World of Aromatherapy Beyond Aromatics conference, Holistic Health Summit, Holistic Medicine Conference, Aroma Summit, Nature’s Sunshine conference, Solle Naturals Conference, and several other natural health conferences.

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