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Free Webinar: March 13, 2024

For beginner to essential oils users, you’ll learn –

  • What essential oils are & their therapeutic benefits.
  • What is aromatherapy & various practices.
  • How the olfactory system works to improve health.
  • Safety tips & Application Methods.
  • Review of popular essential oils.
  • How to implement at home or in business.

This a live webinar. You’ll have time to ask questions.
It will be recorded. Those who register will receive the replay link post-webinar.

Charts & Resources to help you use essential oils

Expand your mind. Inspire your heart. And never stop learning!

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Click here to get access to Essential Oils for Mental Clarity & Emotional Balance. Learn about specific essential oils and strategic ways to use them to improve focus and mood.

Holistic Aromatherapy Comprehensive Guide

  • 109 essential oil profiles
  • 46 carrier oil profiles
  • History, safety & quality testing measures
  • Doctrine of signatures
  • Scent categories
  • Physical & psychological benefits
  • Integrative holistic health modalities
  • Gut-Brain support
  • 65 holistic health recipes
  • Glossary
  • Physical, Mental & Emotional Health charts
  • Click here for full content outline

JennScents Aromaversity Resources

Want to become a student? Check out our Aromaversity Student Guide with all the details.

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