Level 3 Clinical Aromatherapy Program Conclusion & Certificate

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Level 3: Clinical Aromatherapy Certification

Congratulations! You have now completed Level 3 Clinical Aromatherapy! This is quite an accomplishment and we are so proud of your commitment and dedication. We want to thank you for choosing the JennScents Aromaversity to pursue your aromatic education. We are honored to be a part of your journey and wish you continued success in all of your aromatic endeavors.  We look forward to seeing you in future JennScents Continued Education courses, webinars and Masterclasses. You are now able to print your Clinical Aromatherapy Certificate.


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What you accomplished! In-depth and comprehensive phyto-aromatic training in a clinical setting to enhance and develop proficiency with skills, scentillect™ and scenterpretation™ that utilizes complementary and integrative holistic health modalities.

  • Includes Level 1 & 2 education & training
  • Materia medica of 60+ essential oils
  • Materia medica of numerous carrier oils
  • Properties of essential oils within a clinical framework
  • Safety, toxicology and contraindications (dermal, respiratory & internal) of essential oils including vulnerable populations – infants & children, pregnancy, elderly, and chronic conditions
  • In-depth client intake, assessment & consultation training
  • Scope of practice, legal, ethical, privacy issues
  • Phyto-aromatherapy for the Integumentary System including skin care issues and remedies
  • Phyto-Aromatherapy for Mind-Body Health for mental and emotional balance
  • Advanced Pathophysiology of common diseases and conditions
  • Business Development II, Personal Development & Case Study Review
  • 119.5 LMT CEU’s


Now you will be able to print your Level 3 Clinical Aromatherapy Certificate.

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