Professional Aromatherapy Research Paper Requirement (Level 2)

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Research Paper: A Level 2 NAHA Graduating Requirement

According to NAHA Guidelines at, in order to graduate with your Level 2 Professional Aromatherapy Certification, you must complete a 5-10 page research paper on a topic that pertains to aromatherapy.  You will upload this assignment in its entirety which requires approval before moving on to the final exam. Review the detailed instructions and guidelines here before beginning your research paper to ensure you comply with all requirements.

  1. 5-10 pages typed and double spaced.
  2. 12-point Times New Roman, Ariel, Bookman or Courier Font.
  3. Data and evidence must be quality and of logical reasoning.
  4. Choose an aromatherapy related topic.
  5. Research information about your topic.
  6. State your thesis.
  7. Organize your research notes.
  8. Create an outline.
  9. Include references at the end of your paper (note that plagiarism is a serious offense and will be grounds for failure). Good information on citing references in scientific research papers can be found here:
  10. Type your rough draft.
  11.  Optional: Ask a fellow student or colleague to proofread your rough draft for you.
  12. Type your final draft and submit it to your instructor.
  13. Optional: Once your final draft has been accepted by your instructor, submit a copy to NAHA for possible publication in the NAHA journal.

Aromatherapy trade journals, herbal associations, and research links:

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