Aromatherapy to Strengthen & Retrain Smell

Aromatherapy to Strengthen & Retrain Your Sense of Smell Masterclass
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Did you know that your nose is the window to good health and a strong immune system? It is the doorway to activate your limbic system, which is responsible for thinking, learning, smelling, emotional balance, memory & more. You know, the important stuff.

I’m sure you’ve heard or experienced that not being able to smell good, directly affects your ability to taste, and think. Frustrating, right? Well, I have some GREAT news!

In this Mini Class you will:

– Understand how aromatherapy will enhance how you smell
– Get insight on the emotional and cognitive connection to not being able to smell
– Safety precautions to deliver effective results
– Information about specific essential oils known to enhance your smell ability (with evidence-based studies)
– Beneficial carrier oils
– 3 key aromatherapy techniques to retrain your nose
– Recipes and more

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