Aromatherapy Techniques to Enhance Focus & Concentration

Aromatherapy Techniques to Enhance Focus & Concentration
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An aromatherapy training course for you to learn about various essential oils, herbs, and botanicals. Gain knowledge of how they can strengthen your mindset, increase your motivation, and enhance your ability to focus. Have a deeper understanding of what essential oils are, how they work to improve cognition and behaviors, and their plethora of benefits for physical, mental, and emotional health needs. Identify and connect each of the essential oil’s scent profiles to their plant personality. Learn how to compare essential oils and match them up to what you need as you strengthen your personal development journey in aromatherapy. In addition, we will discuss and evaluate aromatherapy application methods and olfactory techniques to strengthen focus, concentration and mental health which are important qualities to help you set goals, follow through on them, and create focus for a life work balance.

2 CEU’s available for LMT, RN, ARNP, LPN, CNA and Licensed Dietitians. CE Broker Provider # 50-5550. Tracking #20-936263

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