Aromatherapy & Herbs for Energy, Weight & Stress

Aromatherapy & Herbs for Energy, Weight & Stress
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Aromatherapy & Herbs have been proven to be a powerful health aid for stress relief, sleep, mood balance, and weight management. Gain education, tips, tools, and resources about how you can use aromatherapy and herbs safely for better mind and body health.

In this mini class you will learn strategies on specific holistic techniques to increase energy & motivation, reduce stress and anxiety, and have better weight management. She’ll walk you through a personal assessment, providing key tips how to choose specific essential oils to support emotional balance, develop healthier lifestyle habits, shift your mindset to strengthen willpower, stress management techniques, and much more. Learn about various essential oils, herbs and flower essences along with their benefits. You will walk away with a plan of action specific to your needs so you can implement it right away and start feeling better. Receive aromatherapy recipes and blending tips.

Be empowered with knowledge about specific essential oils & herbs that will:

-strengthen your mindset
-inspire motivation
-improve energy
-reduce stress
-support your weight management journey

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