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Training programs for beginner essential oil users to clinical professionals wanting to enhance the way they help others.

It is important to compare aromatherapy certification programs & choose the one that is right for you.
We offer 3 NAHA Approved levels of certification whether you are a beginner & new to using essentials oil, or you are ready to incorporate them into your business & clinical practice. Payment plans available.

It is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!
1. compare aromatherapy certification programs & pick a program.
2. Purchase & Register for that program.
3. Begin your studies immediately.

You can upgrade to the next level at any time.

Holistic Aromatherapy Certification Program & Price Overview

Professional Aromatherapy Certification Program & Price Overview

Clinical Aromatherapy Certification Program & Price Overview

Student & Graduate Testimonies

“Jennifer is a wonderful teacher. Her style is easy to understand, and her passion is undeniable. Jennifer has a gift that gives the student a desire to want to learn more with an excitement for what they have already learned. It is a pleasure and privileged to learn from a teacher with such passion and commitment to safety.” — Cindy Gould-Gutierrez, CCA CAA CNHC, AZ

“It has been such a pleasure learning about essential oils through JennScents Aromaversity. Jennifer’s teaching style is clear and concise. I love the close one-on-one mentoring that she does with each one of her students. She is always available to answer questions, which I think is very important in an online program. And rather than spoon-feeding her students, she often challenges them to think critically and find the answers by themselves. She also encourages individuality, allowing each of her students to develop according to their background and strength. Her courses are not the easiest to complete. However, through observations and blending and re-blending in the case studies, I naturally became familiar with the EOs taught in the course. At first, they were intimidating, but now case studies are the favorite part of my studies. I am learning so much through the certification program, and I hope you will take the opportunity to challenge yourself at JennScents Aromaversity, too.”  – Anne

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