Clinical Aromatherapy Certification Program

NAHA Certified and NCBTMB & CE Broker Approved

The JennScents® Aromaversity Clinical Aromatherapy Certification provides the skills and credentials for anyone working in a medical profession or caring for someone with a medical condition to use essential oils in a therapeutic manner.

Who is this Certification For?

  • Anyone looking for in-depth training on the therapeutic use of aromatherapy
  • Anyone who wants to use essential oils with clients in a clinical setting
  • Those who want to become holistic practitioners or caretakers of people and pets
  • Nurses, doctors, massage therapists, dietitians and other health professionals

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Clinical aromatherapy certification

Clinical Aromatherapy Certification Benefits

If you’re a holistic health practitioner, licensed massage therapist, a nurse or other health professional, you can get continuing education in an increasingly sought-after area of care.

More and more facilities are looking for people with certifications from nationally recognized and approved programs. They want to know that you’ve put in the time, you’ve gotten your education, you know what’s safe and you know the contraindications. If you work in hospice or any type of medical facility, this program will give you the credentials to prove your expertise.

Approved Online Aromatherapy Certification Program

The Clinical Aromatherapy Certification is NAHA Certified and NCBTMB & CE Broker approved for continuing education. It provides 134.5 CEUs for Licensed Massage Therapists throughout the United States. In Florida, RNs, LPNs, ARPNs, CNAs, Licensed Dietitians, Nutritionists and Nutritional Counselors can also earn 211 CEUs.

  • CE Broker Provider #50-5550 (Board of Massage Therapy & Board of Nursing)
  • NCBTMB Provider #451338-10
  • NAHA Level 3 Approved

What’s Included?

468-hour self-paced, online training

11 specialty classes (Introduction to Holistic Aromatherapy, Anatomy & Physiology 1 & 2, Advanced Holistic Aromatherapy, Personal Care for Holistic Aromatherapy, Holistic Aromatherapy Advanced Blending Techniques, Phyto-Aromatherapy for Gastrointestinal Health, Holistic Aromatherapy and the Integumentary System, Holistic Aromatherapy for Mind-Body Emotional Health and Advanced Pathophysiology & Botanical Integration 1 & 2.

Evidence-based education to develop precise, science-backed remedies using essential oils, herbs & carrier oils

Fast Track to Your Clinical Aromatherapy Certification

Program Topics

  • Aromatherapy foundations and principles
  • History and Modern Development
  • Production & Quality of Essential Oils & Carriers
  • 60+ Essential oil profiles
  • 35+ Carrier oils & base profiles
  • Properties of essential oils within a clinical framework
  • Safety, toxicology & contraindications (dermal, respiratory & internal) of essential oils including vulnerable populations – infants & children, pregnancy, elderly, and chronic conditions
  • Essential oil and carrier interactions on physical, mental and emotional levels
  • Botany and taxonomy
  • Methods of extraction & aroma-chemistry
  • Highly detailed advanced blending techniques and methods of application
  • Anatomy & Physiology I – Absorption methods; body systems: gastrointestinal, immune, limbic & olfaction, lymphatic, glandular & endocrine, nervous, muscular-skeletal, integumentary
  • Anatomy & Physiology II – Respiratory, hepatic, circulatory, urinary, limbic & brain systems; weight management
  • Phyto-Aromatherapy for Gastrointestinal Imbalances
  • Phyto-aromatherapy for the Integumentary System including skin care, hair and nail issues with remedies
  • Phyto-Aromatherapy for Mind-Body Health for mental and emotional balance
  • Advanced Pathophysiology I & II of common diseases and conditions
  • Ethics & Legalities of practicing aromatherapy
  • In-depth client intake, assessment & consultation training
  • Scope of practice, legal, ethical, privacy issues

Program Includes:

  • Online access to courses anytime, anywhere
  • Instructional videos for all courses
  • Quizzes and to reinforce concepts
  • Guidance on assignments and final exam
  • Communication with Jennifer Pressimone, JennScents® Aromaversity lead instructor and founder

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  As a powerful communicator, Jennifer teaches us how to learn and grow through the gift of aromatherapy. She brings insight, wisdom and joy into her classes. Jennifer’s teaching reflects how much she truly cares about healing the healer and humanity in general. As a LMT, I’ve traveled for a certification course and basically anything she is teaching on a regular basis. She’s imparted a love for healing with essential oils that has improved every aspect of my work and home life. Her vast knowledge, and magical teaching style make coming to all her classes a delight.   — Cheryl R.

Why Study Aromatherapy with JennScents® Aromaversity?

The JennScents® Aromaversity online aromatherapy school was created to help others gain the knowledge, skills and qualifications to achieve their aromatic destinies.

Jennifer Pressimone, Lead Instructor and Founder, began her aromatherapy journey twenty years ago as she searched for a solution to a personal health crisis. Now, she’s paying it forward by offering research-based, hands-on education for anyone who wants to learn when and how to safely and effectively use essential oils in their personal or professional life.

Our comprehensive programs take a holistic approach that encompasses the mind as well as the body. We teach you how to address imbalances and also how to build on the things that are already working well.

Our aromatherapy training is based on connecting the head, the heart and the gut through what Jennifer calls Scentillect, Scenterpretation and Scentuition:

  • Scentillect® –The ability to understand the relationship between and the personalities of different essential oils and botanicals.
  • Scenterpretation – The ability to interpret both what you observe and what someone tells you, and then match that information with the appropriate essential oils and botanicals.
  • Scentuition – The ability to intuitively know and understand what and how to blend for different situations.

JennScents® Aromaversity Benefits:

  • Suitable for everyone – No experience required
  • Study where you want – Take courses on a smartphone or tablet
  • Work at your own pace – Complete courses on your schedule
  • Start anytime – Enroll online and start immediately
  • Hands-on experience – Blending exercises to practice what you’ve learned
  • Mentoring – Guidance from Jennifer Pressimone, JennScents® Aromaversity lead instructor and founder

How Do I Get Certified?

To earn your Clinical Aromatherapy Certification, you must complete all required course work in the program. A score of 85% or higher is required on all of the assignments and quizzes, as well as the final exam. You’ll have 36 months to complete all course requirements.

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  • Online lessons
  • Quizzes
  • Case studies
  • Book report
  • Research paper
  • Blending assignments with instructor mentoring
  • Hands-on blending exercises
  • Final exam

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Introduction to Holistic Aromatherapy Course
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30 LMT CEs; 30 FL Nursing CEs

Ten Additional Courses Are Required to Earn Certification

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Meet Jennifer Pressimone, Lead Instructor and JennScents® Founder

Jennifer Pressimone is one of the world’s leading aromatherapists. She’s a certified aromatherapy educator as well as a clinical phyto-aromatherapist, formulator, herbalist, international educator, guest speaker author and Olfactory Immersion Event Coordinator.

Jennifer’s passion for aromatherapy and educating others came from from her own experience. After traditional medical treatments for debilitating colitis and Crohn’s disease and proved unsuccessful, she needed to quickly find a solution. After extensive research and insight from medical and holistic doctors, chiropractors and others, Jennifer found her answer in essential oils.

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Jennifer Pressimone
Jennifer Pressimone

As she gained deeper knowledge about how the body’s systems interact, she learned how look for the root causes of physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Through this experience, Jennifer developed a new sense of purpose which led her to open an aromatherapy business, followed by an herb shop and then a day spa.

Jennifer created JennScents® in 2002. The company provides online aromatherapy certifications, virtual custom blending, natural health products and master essential oil formulations to customers all over the world.

Jennifer is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Diplomate in Spiritual PhytoEssencing. She is a Professional Member, Regional Director and Vice-President for the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA).