How Scent Can Navigate Your Journey to Finding Yourself & Your Purpose

How Scent Can Navigate Your Journey to Finding Yourself, Your Purpose & Passion

Let’s face it, we are all on a journey of self-discovery. What makes us happy? What doesn’t?

What do we want to do in life? What’s lights us up. What dims our light?

At core, these values truly stay the same. But somehow, in the society of social media and marketing, we find us comparing ourselves to other people. The problem is, they are most likely in a different chapter of their life than you are.

So, what can you do? We can talk about all the ways you can dive deep and explore your inner soul’s desire.


We can smell a scent and let it reveal the underlying story for us.

You see, your sense of smell is incredibly powerful. It taps into parts of your brain nothing else can reach or activate.

Scent, also never lies. It sees you for all you all, good and not so good.

However, it doesn’t judge you. It only loves you.

It has a unique and subtle way of finding trapped, hidden, and buried emotions where you don’t feel threatened or defensive. You may try to continue hiding it, but scents give you a hug of reassurance that everything will be ok.

Scent Navigation to Connect to Your Core Purpose & Passion

Different scents have different personalities. Some are introverted, some are extroverted, others are creative, some analytic…just like people. When you smell a scent, it activates a connection within you.

If you like a scent, it is letting you know that it can help you with a specific emotion, mental block, or physical challenge that is going on, and that you are ready to work on it (and possibly release it).

If you don’t like a scent, it means it found a hidden or buried emotion that you are not quite ready to uncover and work on…yet.  

By doing a technique I created called Olfactory Sensory Testing®, you can use scent to help you connect on a deep level with yourself to discover what is hidden, where it is hidden, and why it’s hidden there.

Pretty cool, huh?

Using scent to help you navigate your life story, it also has the ability to help you connect with any pieces from you past, including your generational past. When these hidden culprits are exposed and brought into your awareness, you now have the opportunity to work through them with honesty. This helps you honor the messages they have brought you and release the hurt and unserving emotions it once created. When you do this, you can then recalibrate to this healthier, energetic place that propels your momentum and personal growth forward so you can shine in all you do.

The Olfactory Sensory Testing® Process & Practice Session

  • Put aside anything you have in your hands or immediately in front of you.
  • Grab a pure (unadulterated) essential oil.
  • Smell it.
  • On a scale of 1 (yucky) – 10 (love it), where would you rate it?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • Where do you feel it?
  • What emotions come up – the first emotions you feel without overanalyzing them.
  • What thoughts come up – the first emotions you feel without overanalyzing them.
  • Where do you feel it in your body?

This is the essential oil’s scent talking to you. It is telling you what emotions you have buried, where they are buried and why they are buried there.

This is such powerful and insightful information. Especially when you are trying to find answers and problem solve without any success, feeling lost, confused, overwhelmed, and scattered about who you are, and finding what your life’s purpose is.

Using this simple scent navigation technique can be the catalyst to help get you moving in the right direction to create momentum in your life that brings you joy and fulfillment.

If you need help figuring this out or want a guide to walk you through this self-discovery journey, I have a special coaching program. I also teach classes and certify you in this process so you can help others. Contact me if you want to talk more about how I can help you.

My wish for you is to empower you with tools and inspiration so you can reach your full potential while feeling amazing doing it.

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