Essential Oils for the Virtual Office Lifestyle

Essential Oils for the Virtual Office Lifestyle

Author: Leigh Canada Trahan, Certified Professional Aromatherapist

Working from home one would tend to believe that is one of the best working scenarios they could ask for but often times your employer or you fall short on putting in place a plan for your emotional health via a holistic regimen using essential oil. 

Transitioning from office to a home office, you don’t have to worry about traffic, the increase of gas, dressing for success, coworkers’ distraction or your boss just walking up to your desk to monitor you.  These are just a few things that come to mind when I think about how others feel when they first start working from home.  It was at least what I thought back in 1996 when I left my corporate office, with windows of the skyline, a bunch of other cubicles side by side, lots of unnecessary chatter and fake plants

I was so excited to be able to not have to commute 45 mins one way and then have find parking if I missed the early bird special.  I was so relieved I could just roll out of my bed, grab my coffee and set up and begin working.  But I had no idea how working from home can affect your emotional mindset.  One never thought or received information about the negative impacts of how working from home a person can endure. 

According to Robinson, 2022 The APA conducted the online survey of 1000 remote workers between March 26 and April 5, 2021.  The majority of employees working from home say they experienced negative mental health impacts, including isolation, loneliness and difficult getting away from work at the end of the day.

According to Altun, 2021, Since the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic in 2020 there also has been an increase in people becoming entrepreneurs.  The Financial Times reported, in the United States, in July 2020 the number of applications for starting a business reached an all-time high of 552k an increase of 95% compared to the same period in 2019.

What are people doing to support this new lifestyle of working from home for your employer or working from home since becoming an entrepreneur? 

What are people doing to support their emotional mindset? 

We are being told to keep communicating with coworkers, stick with time management, make sure you are organizing your day to support yourself and family.  Make sure you have all the correct equipment, tools and systems so, you can have a less stressful and productive day, celebrate your successes, celebrate your coworkers’ successes and to keep up with your group and/or one to one. These are the essential tools corporate tells their employees or suggested in articles.

However, it is not taught very much how to make your dedicated home office emotionally comfortable, how to remove emotional tension from the space or what a difference live flowers or other natural scents can help your emotions.  The solutions that are mainly offered are technical, talk to Human Resources, reach out to your manager or self-reliant to figure it out by outside sources.

I decided in the beginning of my aromatherapy journey in April 2021, I wanted to learn about the benefits of essential oils more first for my personal use and second to share with my fellow work from home peers and entrepreneurs.

My first essential on the list to share with them was Lemon (Citrus limonum).  I chose lemon as my first for the uplifting support that is needed throughout their workday. The ease of anxiety and depression from sitting in your home office is a real thing and using lemon essential oil is my personal go to.  I suggest to just get a lava rock as they are porous or a simple cotton ball and depending on the size to put 1 to 2 drops on the lava rock or cotton ball and take light sniffs throughout the day for uplifting support.  When the scent becomes faint (overtime) reapply the lemon essential oil to the lava rock or replace new scented cotton balls on your desk.

Contradictions of Lemon is Photosensitive so, I made sure to advise never put their nose directly on the lava or cotton ball and not to rub directly on skin.

Another recipe I suggested is for a 2-ounce room spray, one that will help them to focus.  Not to be sprayed near or above electronics or eyes.  

Mindset Focus Spray

Orange (Citrus sinensis) 10 drops – promotes creativity and focus.

Contraindications: Photosensitive.

Basil (Ocimum basilicum) 7 drops – mental clarity, mentally stuck and enhances understanding. 

Contraindications: Caution with epilepsy and someone taking blood thinners.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) 7 drops – negative thoughts and rational thinking.

Contraindications: Use caution with high blood pressure, epilepsy, and heart conditions.

1 teaspoon of sweet almond (to emulsify the essential oils)

2 ounces distilled water 

These articles were written for example, 5 Delightful and Work- Enhancing Essential Oils for the Office and 5 Essential Oils That’ll Upgrade Your Workday that reference how different essential oils can promote your mental and physical well -being. 

According to Dungee, 2022 a study published by the U.S. Veterans’ Health Administration, essential oils can be effective against stress, depression, anxiety, and poor sleep quality among certain population. Whether you work from home or the office, make room for a diffuser and add these oils to your daily regimen to be the best version of you possible. 

Reading this article help to support my suggestions to my coworkers and clients with starting your morning off with lemon and how it was demonstrated in a study out of Yamaguchi University that lemons had the most significant affect during the study.   

Another recipe I like to create is a topical roll on 10ml for Mindset Balance.  

Mindset Balance

Sandalwood (Santalum album) 3 drops obsessed about routine and worry.

Contraindications: Non-irritating

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) 7 drops – relieves nervousness and provides a relaxed mind to think better. 

Contraindications: Non-irritating

Cedar (Cedrus atlantica) – 2 drops – strengthen mindset, enhance learning abilities, mental performance, calm anger and grounding.

10mL Almond Oil Carrier

Contraindications: Non-irritating

With the increase of working from home and being an entrepreneur, it is clear that bringing essential oil into your lifestyle is beneficial to your mental and mindset support.  Additional training should be provided via human resources if the employer approves the work from home and as an entrepreneur, I hope they come across a certified aromatherapist to share with the benefits of having an essential oil regime in their work life. 

Guest Author: Leigh Trahan

Leigh Canada Trahan is a certified Level 2 Professional Aromatherapist and member of the National Aromatherapy Holistic Association. She is a graduate from the JennScents Aromaversity. Her goal is to enlighten others about the history and benefits of essential oil for self-care. She has written articles and been published for tips on self-care while working from home using essential oils. Leigh is the owner of My L.A.B. which stands for Leighism Aromatherapy Blends where she offers one on one self-assessment that translates into an individual’s personal essential oil blend. She also is creator of her themed essential oil boxes and Sniff & Sip events. Leigh continues to expand her education through training as an expert essential oil speaker and subjects to include holistic homes, trauma informed and strengthen mood and mindset. She has personally been using essential oil remedies since a young child due to her severe allergies to over the counter and prescribed medicines.

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