Amygdala’s Effect on Gut Health

Amygdala’s Effect on Gut Health

Amygdala’s Effect on Gut Health

Did you know your amygdala causes you to react or behave a certain way, even before your rational thoughts can intervene? This is what triggers a thought or emotion about a person, place, thing, or situation. It is your fear-courage center. Instinct & intuition flow through here, or not.

When your amygdala isn’t working at its best, or it is not receiving positive & healthy nourishment through 100% pure essential oil scents (not fragrance), it elevates fear worry. Emotions are triggered. Reactions are from a place of fear rather than faith & courage. You can either make really good decisions or have decision paralysis (can’t make a decision). It also helps process & access memories.

Why is this important for you to know?

Because it helps you understand you a little better. Why you become reactive versus responsive. Why you say things you wish you hadn’t. Why you have certain feelings that well up, and you have a hard time letting them go. Why you fly off the handle. Also, why you handle certain situations better than others.

When you are leading with fear & worry, your gut can’t function properly. This is the place where your colon & kidneys communicate and help each other. If this intersection is congested or backed up, nutrients can’t get in, toxins can’t get out, and this internal chaos is what is bathing your cells. You have thoughts, feelings & emotions that are consuming you, and steal your joy.

Kidneys are the house of fear & courage.

The gut is the house of worry or confidence.

You don’t necessarily need to know everything about the amygdala. But what would be good, is for you to recognize patterns of behavior and how to get yourself back on track to being positive and healthy when you are not feeling your best. It helps the gut and the brain communicate better, and clearer.

When you realize you are leading with fear and worry, here are 3 ways you can stop it & shift in a more productive direction –

  • Smell a blend of frankincensepine & orange essential oils in a diffuser or nasal atomizer (2-3 drops of each in equal parts). This is a fear buster blend that also nourishes the adrenals.
  • Place hands on your hips. Fingers over your kidneys & adrenal area. Visualize a tank of white light pouring into your kidneys and adrenals, refueling them.
  • Say this affirmation: I lead with courage and faith that things will all work out.

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