26 Aromatherapy Supply Essentials for Every Aromatherapist

26 Ideal Aromatherapy Supply Essentials for Every Aromatherapist

When you set up an area to create essential oil and herbal products, you need to have the right tools. Just as a chef prepares their workstation with all the right ingredients, bowls, appliances and mixing utensils, so should you as an aromatherapist.

Being able to create your aromatherapy masterpieces with ease will save you time and stress, while being able to focus all your energy into your blends.

Here are my top 26 ideal supplies you need at your aromatherapy workstation to create the most beautiful and effective blends.

  1. Essential oils
  2. Essential oil storage box or container
  3. Scent fragrance sticks
  4. Fat-based carrier oils – oils of apricot, arnica, almond, calendula, grapeseed, rosehip, sunflower, etc.
  5. Salves – beeswax, calendula, plantain, shea butter, etc.
  6. Sea or Epsom Salts
  7. Amber or blue jars – glass and/or BPA-free plastic
  8. Amber or blue bottles – glass and/or BPA-free plastic
  9. Nasal atomizers
  10. Water based carriers – water, hydrosol, plant enzymes
  11. Glass mixing bowls – the essential oils will melt away plastic ones
  12. Stainless steel stir sticks and/or wood stir sticks
  13. Graduated cylinder to measure essential oils & carriers
  14. Stainless steel funnel – won’t stain or melt and is easy to clean
  15. Pipettes to measure essential oils (especially from larger bottles)
  16. Towels to clean up any messes
  17. Coffee beans to cleanse your nose
  18. Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle to clean surfaces, hands and oily debris
  19. Labels
  20. Journal and/or recipe cards to document recipes & formulas
  21. Client documentation forms
  22. Olfactory Sensory Testing evaluation forms – to document a client’s scent preferences or muscle testing selection
  23. Apron to protect your clothing
  24. Essential oil bottle key – makes it easy to pop off & open the orifice reducer tops & rollerballs
  25. Heat resistant oven mitt when you heat up butters (i.e., shea butter)
  26. Aromatherapy reference book

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