Aromatherapy Business Training Course

An Aromatherapy Business Training Course designed for anyone wanting to start, manage and/or grow an aromatherapy or holistic health business. This 2-course training program provides in-depth knowledge, guidance and resources for creating a successful, thriving and relevant business.

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Gain valuable tips, direction and references to develop your business plan as well as personal growth strategies for entrepreneurs. Includes a step-by-step process to help you define, redefine and enhance your aromatherapy business whether you are in the field of personal care, spas, salons, medical facilities, health and others.Become a certified aromatherapist

Online Aromatherapy Business Course

Learn pertinent business building tools and skills to create a business and financial plan specific to an aromatherapy business, get the business off of the ground and on a steady foundation, marketing and advertising, aromatherapy set-up, choosing suppliers criteria, creating your products, integrating your aromatherapy training, and more. You will receive feedback and guidance from Scentpreneur™, Jennifer Pressimone, as you complete each of step of the process.

This is a home study course that includes an easy to navigate virtual learning platform, training webinars per lesson, e-Workbook with references and business worksheets to help you every step of the way and business resources. You will also earn Certificate of Achievement. This is a NAHA approved program. It is recommended that you have a minimum of a Level 1 Holistic Aromatherapy Certification, or equivalent in hands-on training. If you are seeking to create, build and develop a special and unique aromatherapy business, you’ve come to the right place.

Business Development I and Client Intake Review: Business planning and managing the business year after year, start-up process, operations, business ethics, confidentiality, privacy, how to establish a business within a holistic professional framework, consultation and client program design, client intake form review and demonstration, blend formulation skills, follow-up practices and case study reviews.

Business Development II and Professional Client Evaluations: Business development tools, growth strategies, operation continuation, marketing approaches, advertising, event planning and professional client evaluations including SOAP notes, managing expectations, goal assessment, protocol design, ethics, confidentiality, privacy, legalities, professional safety and integrative practice approaches.

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