Aromatherapy Business Development Training Program

learn how to develop, build, grow & expand your aromatherapy focused business

For New & Existing Business Owners

This program is for you if you want to:

  • create and develop an aromatherapy business
  • have a step-by-step guide walking you through each step of business development
  • integrate aromatherapy into your existing business
  • grow and expand your aromatherapy business
  • feel confident & in control of your aromatherapy business & its demands

This Program will give you….

• in-depth knowledge, video training & resources to inspire your aromatherapy entrepreneur mindset
• comprehensive interactive workbook with step-by-step instructions & worksheets to build, grow and expand your aromatherapy business

• hands-on mentoring directly with entrepreneur Jennifer Pressimone to create a personalized plan for your successful, thriving and relevant business
• business, financial and marketing plans to
grow your aromatherapy business
aromatherapy development resources, references and sourcing materials

Aromatherapy Business Development Training Program

90 Hours of Instruction

Gain instant online access to 90 hours of aromatherapy training! Includes video lessons, eWorkbook, interactive worksheets, support material & guided mentoring.

NAHA Approved Aromatherapy Provider

Receive your Aromatherapy Training from a trusted, NAHA approved provider.


You will have access to a library of numerous templates, worksheets, and sourcing to create, build, develop, grow and expand your business with tried and true systems and suppliers.

90 CE with NAHA

Earn continuing education credits to renew your NAHA membership.

How to Register


Enroll in the Aromatherapy Business program


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Begin your business traning & go at your own pace

Frequently Asked Questions

about our Aromatherapy Business Training Program

What am I going to learn in this program?

You will gain a comprehensive training that covers –

  • Business & entrepreneur mindset
  • Logistics for starting a business – how to get started
  • Developing A Business Plan
  • Finding your niche
  • Financial support and planning
  • Product & supplier development
  • Setting up your business – what’s needed to get you started & keep you growing
  • Pricing & Payments
  • Business Practices
  • Personal Development
  • Consultation & client education – program design
  • Client intake form review & demonstration
  • Custom blend formulation skill development
  • Case study reviews
  • Business Development & Growth Strategies
  • Marketing & advertising strategies
  • Aromatherapy & Holistic Health Events
  • Career development
  • Professional Client Evaluations
  • Personal & Professional Balance
  • Mentoring sessions directly with Jennifer to review your business plan
  • And more!

Click here to see our full curriculum.

Do I get access to the teacher to ask questions and get personalized mentoring?

Yes, you will be able to email Jennifer directly to ask questions and have her mentor you throughout the course. She can guide you and offer feedback as you complete your business development worksheets, business plan, financial goals, and marketing plan. She believes not only in giving you the information, but also how apply that information for your particular business.

How long does this program take?

This is a self-paced business training program designed to helping you develop, build and grow your business within one year. It is recommended to dedicate at least 2-4 hours per week on developing your business plan and systems, while committing 2-4 hours a week to implement those systems and get you into action while Jennifer is here to guide you.

How does this program compare to other programs?

This program was created using the steps, tools, and resources Jennifer used to build and grow her aromatherapy business, herb shop, day spa, school, and coaching services. She integrates holistic health practices that you can learn from and implement so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

What other programs do you have?

We have 3 aromatherapy certification programs and several niche training courses focused using aromatherapy safely and effectively for mental, emotional, and physical health. You can view more details here.

“Jennifer is a wonderful teacher. Her style is easy to understand, and her passion is undeniable. She has a gift that gives the student a desire to want to learn more with an excitement for what they have already learned. It is a pleasure and privilege to learn from a teacher with such passion and commitment to safety.”

Cindy Gould-Guiterrez
Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, CAA, CNHP

“JennScents has provided me with the knowledge and wisdom to take my client care to the next level. I incorporate aromatherapy with my massage practice as well as using it with separate clients individually.  I recommend this program to anyone interested in aromatherapy because you can take the education until you reach a level where you are satisfied. Jennifer is a wonder teacher as well as a wonderful person to help you hit the ground running!”

Jostin Schimmoeller
Certified Clinical Aromatherapist Graduate, LMT


Pay in Full


Monthly Installments

$225/month for 6 months

Earn your Aromatherapy Certification at the same time you are creating your business.
Think of it as dual enrollment that help you advance and propel your success.

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