Aroma Summit VIP Aromatherapy Healing Roadmap

Aromatherapy Healing Practice Roadmap by Jennifer H. Pressimone

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Have you ever wondered how the small, thin stem of a flower, can hold it up high to bloom and shine?

Resilience. Perseverance. Support. Nourishment. Determination.

That is the same when it comes to learning aromatherapy. You need a strong, resilient, and nourishing support system to help you bloom and shine in all your potential.

That’s what we do at the JennScents Aromaversity. We provide you with a strong stem to reach your goals, dreams, and desires.


Skill development to build confidence and credibility


Tools & Resources to solve any health challenge, holistically


Education with comprehensive knowledge to build competence and ability


Mentoring to personalize your learning experience, answer questions, brainstorm, and challenge you to dream bigger than your belief.

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