About​ JennScents Aromaversity

Empowering Aromatherapists around the globe to help others holistically

At JennScents, we believe when you are empowered with education, tools & skills, you will feel confident & competent in helping others holistically. Our programs are designed to give you in-depth training to formulate and blend essential oils that will strengthen mindset & physical health for any age.

As a leading aromatherapy school for 20 years, our first-hand experience, education, research, and personal mentoring will support you in integrating aromatherapy practices & products into your business, current profession or new career.

We began the JennScents Aromaversity in 2002 teaching small in-person classes. Later, we expanded into correspondence & online training to reach people across the world. Being immersed in a clinical aromatherapy practice, we’ve been able to share first-hand experiences and client results to enrich your learning and way you practice aromatherapy. As of today, JennScents Aromaversity has graduates in six continents.


To be a cutting-edge education resource teaching others how to effectively & creatively use essential oils & aromatherapy practices for clinical & psychological health that empower personal growth & professional development.


Inspire people to expand the way they view & use essential oils to strengthen neuro-cognitive functions, behavior & overall psychological health. With a strong mindset & motivation, you can build momentum in your quality of life & health.


  • Empowering your passion with integrity
  • Encouraging your evolvement & talents
  • Inspiring your innovation in neuro-cognitive-behavioral aromatherapy
  • Develop strong leaders & aromatic visionaries
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