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JennScents Aromaversity is a leading school for Clinical Aromatherapy education. We specialize in empowering you with knowledge, skills, tools & resources to help yourself, family & others, holistically.  Knowing which essential oils & herbs to use, for various health challenges gives you peace of mind and confidence. At the Aromaversity, we are known for our 2-in-1 training programs that not only gives you education but has personalized hands-on mentorship directly with your instructor to answer your questions, ease your apprehensions and uncertainty, and help develop you strengthen your blending & formulation skills.

Our programs merge ancient wisdom with current aromatherapy practices & evidence-based research for physical, mental, emotional & energetic health. Our mission is to empower students, new and experienced, to feel confident & competent in caring for their family & others. You will learn how to use and share essential oil therapies, safely & effectively, while strengthening personal development & emotional intelligence. Knowing how to fully experience and employ the power and benefits of botanicals helps accurately match them up to a particular health need.

20 years training elite aromatherapists around the world

15 holistic health classes…and more on the way

3 levels of certification programs


How it all began…

JennScents Aromaversity began in 2002 to help educate others, like you, learn the health benefits of essential oils and herbs. It was started by Jennifer Pressimone, merging her passion to help people with the necessity for authentic aromatic education. In the midst of her healing journey while battling a debilitating health challenge, Jennifer started learning about herbs and aromatherapy.  It was hard to find accurate and truthful information from reputable sources. The internet was not where it is today. Information and education were scarce. Needless to say, she learned and used herself as her first guinea pig.  After mixing some oils together and using it for various health needs, Jennifer got results…great results. Her counter of prescription medications soon turned into a counter of essential oils

Jennifer worked with an herbalist at the local Herb Shop for years. Other customers who saw her regularly were intrigued by her amazing health transformation. From not being able to walk to being happy, healthy and vibrant. That led to her opening JennScents Aromatherapy Bar in a small space inside of that Herb Shop. She recalls, “sitting at the kitchen table with her husband, mom, and step-dad Bud, brainstorming about business names. Bud threw out the name “JennScents” and all of our eyes lit up. That’s it. I am JennScents!”

The JennScents business quickly grew through word of mouth about her incredible custom blends. Jennifer didn’t just bottle up essential oil blends, she took time to talk with her customers, understand their needs, and match up the right oils with precision. From here, she developed her education and intuitive strength. Customers would visit her from all over the country to get one of her special aromatherapy custom blends. As people experienced improved health for a variety of health issues, she’d share other helpful tips and resources. Jennifer was often asked to be a guest speaker at conferences and events to share her aromatherapy methods. People requested classes which served as the foundation for the JennScents Aromaversity (formally called the JennScents Institute).

From a small office, to a classroom, to an online and virtual platform, JennScents has had thousands of students pass through their doors. Students, like you, who are excited to know more about how essential oils and herbs can be used for holistic health. Having a hands-on mentor herself, Jennifer saw the benefit of learning alongside someone who has already walked in that path. It made the journey easier and more meaningful. That same level of compassion and care shines through in Jennifer’s classes and certification programs. She makes time for her students to help them grow personally and professionally.

The JennScents Aromaversity Mission

The JennScents Aromaversity is committed to providing the highest education in holistic aromatherapy, to enrich the mind and empower the body. When we created our Aromaversity, we looked not to copy what was already available in the marketplace, but to create something that was missing. To fill a niche for those seeking holistic health with integration of essential oils for psychological health. It was established to offer education that was not only empowering professionally, but personally and financially as well.

The JennScents Aromaversity structured its courses & programs to provide specialized training in various facets of holistic health. With this well-rounded, comprehensive training, you will feel confident and competent to help yourself, family & others with effective, positive results. The course topics will provide niche learning in aromatherapy that has built in self-help, personal development, business training and professional advancement.

Our goal is to offer authentic, genuine content that gives a solid background and foundation in integrating aromatherapy into any lifestyle or business, with special emphasis on holistic psychological health. As a student with us, you will gain knowledge, skills and confidence to use essential oils, botanicals and carriers in a variety of situations with ease, efficiency and effectiveness. Courses are designed to gradually increase the intensity and complexity to help a beginner and enthusiast grow into a well-seasoned and Professional & Clinical Aromatherapist. Online courses include webinar training with eWorkbook, training in several holistic health modalities such as aromatherapy, herbs and other complementary therapies.

Meet the Instructor

Jennifer Pressimone is a NAHA approved aromatherapy educator, certified clinical phyto-aromatherapist, herbalist, formulator, author, international educator, guest speaker, Olfactory Immersion Event Coordinator and one of the leading aromatherapists in the world. She has taught thousands of personal and professional aromatherapists, as well as doctors, nurses, physical therapists, chiropractors, dietitians, dentists and radiologists.

Jennifer’s passion for aromatherapy began when she faced her own health crisis in 1999. At that time, she went from building a successful career to being bedridden and in and out of the hospital due to Crohn’s disease and colitis. After unsuccessful treatments at traditional medical facilities, Jennifer put her background in personal health, anatomy and physiology to work.

Jennifer is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Diplomate of Spiritual PhytoEssencing with Dr. Bruce Berkowsky. She is the owner & lead instructor at JennScents Aromaversity® and has served as a Regional Director for the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy since 2004 and as their current Vice-President.  Jennifer combines her talents and experience in her specialty of mental, emotional, cognitive-behavioral, gut-brain health.

Since 2002, Jennifer has authored several aromatherapy books, formulated over 2,500 aromatherapy products and essential oil formulas, consulted with international wellness spas to integrate aromatherapy blending services, lectured over 4,000 hours, completed over 8,000 hours of education in natural health, is quoted in the New York Times on aromatherapy and is a leading aromatherapist in the natural health industry.

Jennifer is dedicated to bringing the highest level, in-depth, comprehensive, meaningful and cutting-edge education. As a gifted, intuitive master aromatherapy blender, herbalist and speaker, she shares education and experiences from the heart with her charismatic and relatable manner. Through her books, educational classes and research, she pledges to make significant contributions to the world of aromatherapy empowering others to help themselves while leaving a legacy for future generational aromatherapists to learn and evolve.

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