Essential Oil & Herb Education

online aromatherapy certification to enhance the way you care for your family & others, holistically

Online Programs

Holistic Aromatherapy Certification

For Beginners & Aromatherapy Lovers

Essential oil training with foundational knowledge & blending skills to make safe and effective blends for you and your family.

Your “Associate of Arts degree (A.A.)
in Aromatherapy”

Professional Aromatherapy Certification

Professional Aromatherapy Certification

For Holistic Minded Professionals

Professional training & skill development to safely use essential oils, natural remedies and holistic health practices in your profession.

Your “Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.)
in Aromatherapy”

Clinical Aromatherapy  Certification

Clinical Aromatherapy Certification

For Clinical & Holistic Health Professionals

Expand your clinical skills and services with essential oil & herb training to help others, holistically & therapeutically.

Your “Master of Arts degree (M.A.)
in Aromatherapy”

Benefits of our programs

Confidence! Use essential oils safely to care for yourself, family & others

Credentials! Expand your professional & clinical services and business

Empowerment! Create a new career or business path

Personal & professional development! Lead with passion & purpose

Essential Oils for Mental Clarity & Emotional Balance

Perfect for you if you want to improve mental clarity, balance mood & create unstoppable motivation

What our students are saying

“I have really enjoyed and benefited from JennScents Aromaversity. I love the thoroughness of the teaching and Jenn’s hear to equip us to use aromatherapy in all aspects of life.”

Joy Montejo, Certified Holistic Aromatherapist & EFT therapy

“As a powerful communicator, Jennifer teaches us how to learn and grow through the gift of aromatherapy. She brings insight, wisdom and joy into her classes. Jennifer’s teaching reflects how much she truly cares about healing the healer and humanity in general. As a LMT, I’ve traveled for a certification course and basically anything she is teaching on a regular basis. She’s imparted a love for healing with essential oils that has improved every aspect of my work and home life. Her vast knowledge, and magical teaching style make coming to all her classes a delight.” 

Cheryl Ralph, LMT, Energy worker & Certified Holistic Professional Aromatherapist

“I have taken several various courses over the years. I have enjoyed taking the classes with JennScents. I love the way JennScents course material has been laid out. Very easy to follow. The Aromatherapy for Mind-Body Health was an interesting course. I would recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about the connection of emotional health and essential oils”. 

Melodie Hand, LMT, Business Owner, Wellness Coach & Certified Holistic Professional Aromatherapist

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